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Transforming ASEAN: Strategies for Achieving Inclusive and Sustainable Growth (ADBI, 2024)

Transforming ASEAN: Strategies for Achieving Inclusive and Sustainable Growth examines the key opportunities and challenges facing the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region as it transitions toward a more sustainable, low-carbon economy with greater integration and global recognition. This book was initiated by the Asian Development Bank Institute and the Ministry of Finance of Indonesia in 2023 during Indonesia’s ASEAN chairmanship and builds on the momentum of Indonesia’s successful G20 presidency.

The book brings together more than 20 contributors from the ASEAN region and beyond to discuss pathways for ASEAN’s sustainable transformation. It is divided into three parts, each focusing on crucial aspects of current transitions. Part I examines the dynamics of Southeast Asia’s low-carbon economy, exploring strategies to reduce carbon emissions and foster environmentally friendly practices. Part II examines the importance of investing in a new sustainable economy, highlighting the potential for ASEAN regional economic integration, green growth, scientific innovation, and new business models. Finally, Part III explores how ASEAN can contribute to multilateral cooperation, emphasizing the significance of collaborative efforts on a regional and global scale, such as through the G20.

With policy recommendations and case studies, the book aims to support and offer timely insights and robust policy guidance to governments, policymakers, financial institutions, and stakeholders in the pursuit of climate commitments and Sustainable Development Goals. It underscores the need for collaboration and investment in knowledge-building and sharing among public and private stakeholders to effectively address the complex challenges of achieving inclusive and sustainable growth in ASEAN.


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