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Lugas Syllabus uses the parallels between human civilization

and nature to emphasize that no matter

how advanced the former is, it must rely on the latter for survival.

In his series Moon, Syllabus uses blue and yellow moons to

represent change, while a massive tree represents

the source of life.

Think Playgrounds: A Case Study of Creating a Playable Hanoi, Vietnam (2021)

Daisuke Muto (Gunma Prefectural Women’s University)

In Hanoi, Vietnam, an organization called Think Playgrounds (TP) is attracting attention as a powerful actor encouraging to provide urban children with playgrounds. It is a global common issue that kids living in highly developed cities do not have enough space to play as they want, with physical energy, experiencing relationship with others. A number of cultural workers are found in different parts of the world today, and their approaches greatly vary according to the diversity of cultural, societal, political and economical contexts. This paper examines how TP in Hanoi has been working on this issue, proposing a contextualization.

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