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Producers Lab: What if we do it this way? (2022)

Producers Lab: What if we do it this way? was a pilot 6-month professional development programme organised by Producers SG, for independent arts managers, producers, self-producing artists, and artist-producers based in Singapore.

Taking place over 6 months from October 2021 – March 2022, 15 participant-agitators gathered to reflect, discuss, and explore contemporary issues in the arts, and imagine diverse possibilities for creating and producing in a Covid-19 endemic world.

The Producers Lab looked at the role of the producer as an agitator, enabler and changemaker within our arts ecosystem and society. Activities included guest lectures, Open Space-format discussions, workshops, assigned readings, and guided tours, covering different themes and areas of focus each month.

As part of the Lab, participants also developed and presented a proposal for a speculative project based on the prompt What if we do it this way?”, exploring desires, transformations and possibilities for the future of producing the arts in Singapore.


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