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Lugas Syllabus uses the parallels between human civilization

and nature to emphasize that no matter

how advanced the former is, it must rely on the latter for survival.

In his series Moon, Syllabus uses blue and yellow moons to

represent change, while a massive tree represents

the source of life.

Producers Lab: What if we do it this way? (2022)

Producers Lab: What if we do it this way? was a pilot 6-month professional development programme organised by Producers SG, for independent arts managers, producers, self-producing artists, and artist-producers based in Singapore.

Taking place over 6 months from October 2021 – March 2022, 15 participant-agitators gathered to reflect, discuss, and explore contemporary issues in the arts, and imagine diverse possibilities for creating and producing in a Covid-19 endemic world.

The Producers Lab looked at the role of the producer as an agitator, enabler and changemaker within our arts ecosystem and society. Activities included guest lectures, Open Space-format discussions, workshops, assigned readings, and guided tours, covering different themes and areas of focus each month.

As part of the Lab, participants also developed and presented a proposal for a speculative project based on the prompt What if we do it this way?”, exploring desires, transformations and possibilities for the future of producing the arts in Singapore.

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