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Heritage Space / ViAA(Hanoi, Vietnam)

Heritage Space is a space for creativity, enjoyment and aims at new values in Arts & Cultural scene in Vietnam. Heritage Space is run by a group of artists, curators and researcher, those who wish to support, promote and develop the new factors in the creative industries in Vietnam.

Acting as an independent art space, Heritage Space is responsible for the following missions:

  • Develop Contemporary Art: A space to develop Contemporary Arts in Vietnam by creating opportunities for practicing, exchange and exhibition to introduce the latest artists and artworks.

  • Art Connection: A space to create opportunities and promote the connection between different creative sectors/ fields.

  • Creative Resource: A space to support the creative development by Library resource and a variety of activities related to Education, Exchange and Innovation nurturing.

  • Art HUB: being a HUB connecting world art and local art by and collaborative activities, exchange between domestic and foreign creative individuals/ groups.


is a public archive initiated by Heritage Space in 2020 with the aim of creating an archive of contemporary art practices in Vietnam since 1990. ViAA is operated to provide information, references, and resources for professionals and audiences of arts in general who want to learn systematically about Vietnamese art.

ViAA operates online (website) and is accessible via the Internet. ViAA archives and displays Data on Vietnamese Contemporary Artists and Artworks from 1990 to present. ViAA’s archived data is divided into folders and managed similar to an open online library. The above materials are collected by ViAA and contributed by individuals, artists, groups and organizations in the field of arts and culture who are legal authors or copyright holders of such Data.

Artistic practices based on Vietnamese context, content and documents by Vietnamese artists, Vietnamese artists living and working abroad, international artists who reside in Vietnam are all in the scope to be collected, archived and introduced by ViAA.


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