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Design Center of the Philippines (Manila, 1973~)

The Design Center of the Philippines is the country’s leading agency committed to cultivating a culture that thrives on creativity, value creation, and innovation.

Design Center’s efforts go beyond promoting the value of good design and onto inspiring creative industries to create human-centered products, services, and spaces that make an impact in the Philippines and in the world. From enhancing human experiences to enabling inclusive and sustainable economic growth, we ensure that design plays its role as a creative, strategic, and innovative tool for positive development.

The Design Center of the Philippines (DCP), formerly known as Product Development and Design Center of the Philippines (PDDCP), is an attached agency of the Department of Trade and Industry, mandated to promote design as a creative tool for improving the quality and competitiveness and branding of Filipino products in the global market; as a strategic tool of value creation for sustainable economic growth and development; and as an innovative tool for enhancing the quality of human life.

The Design Center Philippines was created in 1973 through Presidential Decree 279

with the mandate to develop, enhance and promote the design of Philippine-

manufactured handicrafts. The Center’s projects, services, and activities were

channeled toward two specific ends: the promotion of design awareness and the

creation of new product designs. National Artist for Visual Arts Arturo R. Luz was the

inaugural Executive Director who led the agency in conducting and implementing

promotion, research and development programs that paved the way for innovative and pioneering design for Philippine products and handicrafts.


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