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Creative Chiang Mai (CCM)

Creative Chiang Mai (CCM) is an initiative to promote creativity and innovation to develop Chiang Mai. Creative Chiang Mai was established by the Governor of Chiang Mai on 30 August 2010. A committee was set up including over 40 representatives from organizations and agencies appointed by the Governor. More members joined over time. The Chiang Mai University Science & Technology Park is the Secretariat of the committee and initiative.

The Chiang Mai Creative City Development Committee was established by the Governor of Chiang Mai in 2010. It consists of representatives from the education, private and government sectors. Other organizations, associations, groups, and individuals are welcome to join the Creative Chiang Mai network and Committee meetings.

Chiang Mai University chairs the Development Committee (together with Payap University and North Chiang Mai University) and the Chiang Mai University Science & Technology Park (CMU STeP) serves as the secretariat and point of contact.

The objectives of the Development Committee are to jointly develop and update CCM’s  roadmap and strategy, coordinate and share information across stakeholders, coordinate and govern relevant projects, implement and operate activities/projects (via its members), establish working groups as required, raise funds (via its members) and to market Chiang Mai.

Creative Chiang Mai is a think tank, sharing and networking platform and a catalyst for development. The Development Committee may suggest policy, projects and activities (and, if required, will coordinate these), but it is for the members to implement them and to provide or obtain funding and resources. Creative Chiang Mai is not an entity and the initiative belongs to everybody who shares and supports the idea and vision.


Creative Chiang Mai Ecosystem Directory

This is the fourth edition of this publication, which we have renamed the Chiang Mai Creative Directory (previously Chiang Mai Creative Mapping)—a report on the creative diversity of Chiang Mai. For this fourth edition, we have updated key contact information and added or revised more than 20 entries across all categories. The information is also available online, in PDF format and as a searchable database.

Creative Chiang Mai Ecosystem Directory Fourth Edition 2021-2022



Good Aging in Place

Good Aging in Place is a page and online platform with information about smart home development, aging in place, and active or health aging. The main focus is to enable a safe and active life for elderly in their own home. 90% of the elderly wanted to stay in the home they lived their lives, but most homes are not optimized for their changing needs. This page contains news, news, and events. The page developed out of 2-3 projects by Creative Chiang Mai together with CMU STeP, various CMU faculties, TCDC, ChivaCare, Makerspace Thailand, and other organizations.

CDA Design Awards

CDA Design Awards have been organized since 2012. The CDA Design Awards aims to promote designers and good designs, show the value of design, and promote Chiang Mai also the entire Northern Thailand (Lanna) region. The original name was Chiang Mai Design Awards and the awards was held during the Chiang Mai Design Week. This is our 10th year and the name changed to CDA Design Awards. The CDA Design Awards now covers the entire Lanna region including eight provinces in Northern of Thailand: Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Lamphun, Lampang, Mae Hong Son, Phayao, Phrae and Nan. CDA is a collaborative effort between Creative Lanna, an initiative by Chiang Mai University, Creative Chiang Mai, the Science and Technology Park (Chiang Mai University). The theme for 2020 is ‘new local’. 


TEDxChiangMai is one of the largest, most diverse and longest running TEDx event in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Tracing its origins back to 2011, TEDxChiangMai evolved into events with over 1000 attendees, 20+ speakers and performers, many side workshops and activities, and a large organizing team, including student volunteers who get a unique opportunity to gain experience. TEDxChiangMai has worked with many local, national and international organization and is actively involved and leading international networking activities in the TEDx community and sister network such as Pan Asia and Boma.


salahmade is an online platform that presents the rich history, diversity and quality of the Chiang Mai craft industry. salahmade covers the different crafts sectors of Chiang Mai and surrounds, the craft maker, tools, people and their stories. Salah is a Northern Thai word meaning skilled artisan. At the heart of the salahmade website are curated collections of products. The website also features further information about almost craft makers and their products, a directory, photo galleries, videos, a map, and a news section. salahmade was rebranded from handmade–chiangmaiand started as a joint collaboration between the British Council and Creative Chiang Mai.


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