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Data on Cultural and CreativeIndustries in Cambodia(CICADA, 2022)

CICADA is collecting data from individuals and organizations working in the cultural and creative industries in Cambodia for 2023 to build a strong data set that will help the sector to better understand trends and advocate for improvements, and make relevant development decisions.

"CICADA is a huge step forward for musicians, artists and all working in Cambodia’s cultural & creative sector.” (Dara HUOT, Chair of CICADA Steering Committee)

Creative Industries of Cambodia Association for Development and Advocacy (CICADA) is a recently registered association to represent the cultural and creative sectors in Cambodia (CCIs). The Association was set up via support from UNESCO’s International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFCD) and operates under a fiscal sponsorship of Cambodian Living Arts (CLA). CLA has been running since 1998, supporting the development of the arts sector by providing training, funding and resources, producing events and festivals, and leading strategic projects. CICADA was founded by six representatives of cultural organizations who saw the need for a sector alliance to advocate on common issues, including copyright, artistic freedom and unsupportive financial and tax frameworks.

In 2022-23, CICADA has worked on mapping workers in the informal cultural sector and is running an advocacy training program, Stand for Culture. It also held a launch meeting to consult with future members regarding their priorities. It is directed by an independent steering committee.

The goals of the CICADA are:

(1) To strengthen ties and promote cooperation between public and private sectors to ensure that our cultural and creative industries are at the heart of political, economic and social decision-making;

(2) To research, develop and advocate for the sector in order to create a sustainable and inclusive infrastructure for effective national and international interdisciplinary collaborations; and

(3) To increase and promote community members' professional skills and specialist knowledge through the exchange of knowledge and best practices. CICADA offers introductory courses on cultural policy and introduces cultural workers to their specific rights regarding intellectual property, freedom of expression, and legal registration.

CICADA will also create access to relevant sector information through bimonthly cultural policy briefs and biannual data monitoring reports sharing information about the current situation, trends, and legal developments within the sector. Catalyzed through its Annual General Meetings (AGM), CICADA aims to be an outspoken, evidence-driven representative for the cultural and creative industries vis-à-vis the Cambodian government and private sector, amplified by its members’ knowledge, skills, and motivation to be a driving force for democratic participation, accountability, and transparency.


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