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ARTS EQUATOR (Critical Thinking, Community and the Arts in Southeast Asia)

ArtsEquator Ltd is an arts organization that values and promotes Southeast Asian regional art practice. Through the ArtsEquator Fellowship and other programs, ArtsEquator is committed to developing arts writing and criticism that identify Southeast Asian creative practices as part of, rather than an adjunct to, global contemporary arts. Our aim is to cultivate and grow arts criticism in Southeast Asia amongst our principal stakeholders—arts critics, arts makers, and arts audiences.


ArtsEquator was founded by Kathy Rowland and Jenny Daniels in November 2016. started as a Southeast Asian arts and culture platform dedicated to supporting and promoting art criticism with a regional perspective in Southeast Asia. Producing weekly articles supported by industry and community programs, ArtsEquator’s efforts contributed to developing critical thinking in the arts. With the ArtsEquator Fellowship launched in 2023, ArtsEquator has evolved into focusing on program and grant-giving platforms to continue our mission to cultivate and grow arts criticism in Southeast Asia. now serves as an active archive for researchers, writers, and students.


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