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Anna Kim

Real-time live simulation reacting to air quality index. The virtual forest reflects the current state of the 'real' environment in weather patterns and air...

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Breath (2020)

by Anna Kim


Anna Kim is a Los Angeles multimedia artist working in Gwang Ju. Her interests lie in nature and technology, and she has been undertaking diverse projects addressing social and psychological issues and recognition. Kim creates an ambivalent space were both real and virtual elements coexist to discuss social recognition through the relationship between humans and nature. Kim received her B.F.A. and M.F.A. degrees at UCLA and UCI, respectively, and she is a Ph.D. candidate at Kyungpook National University. 

She has participated in many projects and artist-in-residence programs, including Beyond Human (Gwang ju), Open Media Art Festival 2020-Black Swan (Seoul), New Communion (Daegu), Sustainable Museum: Art and Environment (Busan), Negentropic Fields (Singapore), Media Anatomy (Seoul), and Asia Culture Center Visiting Artist Divisions 1 and 2 (Gwang Ju), among others. 

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