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It is a joint production project between Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia for the Korean content market in ASEAN. It is produced by combining delivery cultures of various countries, such as "GOJEK," a representative delivery company in Indonesia, into dramas and documentaries. Meaningful collaboration with ASEAN production staff that can combine artistry, story, and an efficient production system.

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Delivery - VR Cinema Production

The Wildflower Film Awards

Title : Delivery

"Korea-ASEAN communicating with delivery services during the Pandemic era"

Directed by Farouk Aljoffery (Malaysia), Rommel Ricafort (Philippines), and Kim Tae-sik (Korea)



We want to convey a hopeful message through the various stories we felt while experiencing the unprecedented pandemic. Despite the crisis across multiple business sectors after the pandemic, delivery services are growing at an unparalleled speed. Delivery services that travel around crowded ASEAN countries have different delivery items and means of transportation, but people feel the same anxiety and fear.


Detailed project description

Delivery episodes in three countries will be shown in short forms (dramas or documentaries) of 6 to 10 minutes per episode and will be screened at film festivals worldwide and broadcast through OTT and VR apps.

Production format

-Utilize AI and Big Data technologies to aggregate and investigate deliveries in the production of each short form

-Shooting techniques using VR technology maximizes the three-dimensional effect of space and space movement



The pandemic has left most people in panic.

However, people who used to be "delivery" are more active than ever in the city. In daily life, they deliver various things and become saviors as long as they are there.

Chapter 1. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A young man who delivered food thought it was an exceptionally unlucky day. However, it is an opportunity to learn about a terrible world you have not known before, restore confidence by saving people there, and protect yourself who has been shrinking.

Chapter 2. Jakarta, Indonesia

The main character is suffering from bullying and discrimination by his boss. However, this adversity strengthened him, and when the pandemic broke out, he became a hero by delivering Gojek.

Chapter 3. Manila, Philippines

As the pandemic broke out and the family economy became complicated, a middle-aged woman who was only living began to deliver for her family. People around her laugh at her and look down on her, but eventually, she realizes her choice is correct.

Chapter 4. Seoul, Korea

A lonely delivery man at a dessert shop helps a girl about to die.


The Wildflower Film Awards Korea is a grassroots effort to recognize the achievements of Korean independent and low-budget films. Our primary goal is to create more publicity in Korea and abroad for filmmakers working outside the mainstream commercial film industry.


The 1st Wildflower Film Awards ceremony was held on April 1, 2014, at Literature House in Seoul. Since then, the awards have been held every spring.

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