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'Welcome to Your Korea' is a research-based performance project led by Ahn Eun-me(artistic director of AEMC) targeting non-professionals. It focuses on multicultural families and immigrant workers residing in Korea.

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'Welcome to Your Korea' - Research Trip




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An Eun-mi Company has been rewriting the history of performing arts beyond the boundaries of contemporary dance, collaborating with artists from various fields. By harmoniously performing the role of a performing arts creation group and a dance training institution through the passage of many dancers, the company helps many dancers to renew their understanding of contemporary dance and establish their position as dancers or choreographers. As a private organization, the company strives for international exchanges by utilizing the overseas network established during its long-term artistic activities. It also aims to perform a social and public role as a target that the organization should pursue.



Welcome to Your Korea


Eunme is in the process of scouting several contemporary dance choreographers from ASEAN countries like Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam to be part of a collaborative project and performance for Seoul Performing Arts Festival (SPAF_closing performance) in October, 2023.


Titled “Welcome to Your Korea,” this project brings individual contemporary choreographers from different Southeast Asian nations to Korea to create short, 15-minute dances with immigrant populations from their home nation. The intent is to empower and enrich Southeast Asian Korean residents, celebrating our complex, shared multicultural reality. These dances will ultimately be presented as one longer collaborative performance with AEMC for SPAF 2023.

SangSangMaru x Youth Theatre of Vietnam, Showcase, 2022.10.
SangSangMaru x Youth Theatre of Vietnam, Showcase, 2022.10.

AEMC, Research Trip in Phnom Penh, 2022.12.

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