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The project put us in the process of learning and unlearning different elements of transnational cooperation. What makes up our identity, both individually and collectively? What kind of care to provide to understand each other better?

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'Post-localization Syndrome' - Workshops

Barim x Indeks(Indonesia)



Barim is a cross-genre collective of artists who are based in Gwangju, currently an art space, media space, and working studio in Gwangju, Korea. Established in October, 2013, and opened in Spring 2014, Barim deals with abstract to physical genres of the arts. Barim aims to focus on “process-based” works beyond existing genres of the arts, to create a community of artists, local citizens, and audience, and to support cultural and artistic exchanges between local and international artists through research. It also sets a goal to intervene and transcend different genres of the arts and to focus on process and discussion rather than completion.


Initiated in February 2020, Indeks has three main objectives: to trace back the development of the art ecosystem in Bandung, to fill the role as an independent research center and a crowd-sourced archiving platform, and to cultivate dialogues and promote knowledge exchange among art practitioners. Indeks’ focus is on archives and libraries, research and development, artist residencies, film and moving image programs. We have been working in various projects with the British Council, the Japan Foundation, Goethe-Institut Bandung, also co-curated an exhibition at Museum MACAN, Jakarta.



Post-localization Syndrome

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“Post-localization Syndrome” is the title of a public program based on Korea-ASEAN exchange held in Barim in 2022, and a concept that I created for the topographical map of the present era as a curator of the project. ‘Localization’ is a language belongs to the corporate/commercial/capital world that is widely used in IT and game companies. However, originally, this concept was born from a context of internationalization and standardization by the world powers after World War II, and was often used as a concept opposed to globalization. However, I think it currently connotes ‘supertranslation,’ which goes beyond direct translation. Therefore, I use this concept when talking about contexts that go back and forth between the world (global) and regional (local). What kind of world will come after being localized? – no matter what it was. This project aims to examine and study the artistic context of trendy postcolonialism in a little more detail, while being aware of the distance between Korea and ASEAN, which is separated like a strait by political distance and rather unilateral economic and cultural communication.

  • Date: 3 days / September 17th (sat), 24th (sat), and 25th (Sun), 2022

  • Venue: Barim (3f 80-2 daeui-dong, dong-gu, Gwangju)

  • All programs will be conducted in native languages (Indonesian, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese) and Korean translation will be provided. If anyone needs, English as well.

  1. follyfollyfolly - by Anurak Tanyapalit

2. After Noise - by Lee Heekyung

3. The Diary of a Migrant Worker - by Nguyễn Thị Thanh Mai

4. Recomposing Memory - by Mira Rizki Kurnia

5. Check! De sign- by Park Siyoung

6 . Translating Unknown Language - Landscape of Language - by Park Sohyun

7. Muses Searching for Mother -by Nguyễn Bích Trà

SangSangMaru x Youth Theatre of Vietnam, Showcase, 2022.10.
SangSangMaru x Youth Theatre of Vietnam, Showcase, 2022.10.

Barim x Indeks, Public Workshop poster, 2022.09.

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