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Lugas Syllabus uses the parallels between human civilization

and nature to emphasize that no matter

how advanced the former is, it must rely on the latter for survival.

In his series Moon, Syllabus uses blue and yellow moons to

represent change, while a massive tree represents

the source of life.

Meet the stories of ASEAN-KOREA experts who recovered together through the arts and grew through the convergence of culture and industry.

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[Overview] 2022 ASEAN-KOREA Innovative Culture Forum


  • Theme : ASEAN-KOREA : Leap forward with Cultural Resilience

  • Date : 26 OCT, 2022

  • Host : Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

  • Organizer : Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange



(Keynote Speech) Sang II HAN (Art director, South Korea)


(Session 1) Resilience : Through The Cultural Solidarity

  • Osveanne Osman (Curator of Creative Space Art Gallery&Studio, Brunei)

  • Viknesh Kobinathan (Programmer of Asian Film Archive, Singapore)

  • Wayla Amatathammachad (Founder of Prayoon for Art Foundation, Thailand)

  • Anh Tuan Nguyen (Director of Heritage Space, Vietnam)


(Session 2) New Opportunities : Through The Convergence of Culture & Industry

  • Anysay Keola (Film Director of Lao New Wave Cinema Production, Lao PDR)

  • Abdul Shakir (Co-Founder of Filamen, Malaysia)

  • Jo Ann Bitagcol (Founder of BITAGCOL, Philippines)

  • Jun Young CHANG (Director of iotaLabs.,, South Korea)

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