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Meet the stories of ASEAN-ROK people who are innovating through culture for cultural exchange and cooperation between ASEAN-ROK nations in post-corona era.

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[Overview] 2020 ASEAN-ROK Culture Innovation Summit



  • (Theme) ASEAN-ROK people innovating through culture

  • (Date) 21-22 Oct, 2020 (2 days)

  • (Host) Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

  • (Organizer) Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange / Asia Culture Center



Day 1

(Keynote Speech) Rithy Panh(Film director, Cambodia)

(Session 1) Innovation

  • Tri Minh (Producer, Vietnam)

  • Iho An (Pansori singer, South Korea)

(Opening performance) Asia traditional orchestra

Day 2

(Session 2) Exchange(Organization)

  • Seok-geon Oh (Chairman of the Korean Film Council, South Korea)

  • Mary Kathleen Quiano-Castro (editor-in chief of The ASEAN Magazine, Philippines)

  • Hyein Kim (Korea Culture and Tourism Institute, South Korea)

  • Duong Bich Hanh (Chief of UNESCO Bangkok’s Culture Unit, Vietnam)

(Session 2) Exchange(Culture Artist)

  • Harlif Haji Mohamad (Film director, Brunei)

  • Ho Tzu Nyen (Film director and Artist, Singapore)

  • Peap Tarr (Artist, Cambodia)

(Special collaborative performance)

Korean alternative band <LEENALCHI> x Indonesian fashion designer Bertha Puspita

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