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ChangChun Project

ChangChun Project’s Random Forest is AIdrone flight project inspired by the word “ensemble,” also featured in the exhibition title, and its mathematical definition when it was created in 2021.

Saya sebuah paragraf. Saya terhubung ke koleksi Anda melalui kumpulan data. Untuk memperbarui saya, buka Manajer Data. Manajer Data adalah tempat Anda menyimpan data untuk digunakan di halaman situs Anda, atau mengumpulkan data dari pengunjung situs saat mereka mengirimkan formulir.


Koleksi di Pengelola Data ini sudah disiapkan dengan beberapa bidang dan konten. Untuk menyesuaikannya dengan konten Anda sendiri, Anda dapat mengimpor file CSV atau cukup mengedit teks placeholder. Anda juga dapat menambahkan lebih banyak bidang yang dapat Anda sambungkan ke elemen halaman lain sehingga konten ditampilkan di situs yang Anda terbitkan. Ingatlah untuk menyinkronkan koleksi agar konten Anda tayang langsung! Anda dapat menambahkan koleksi baru sebanyak yang Anda perlukan untuk menyimpan atau mengumpulkan data.

Random Forest (2021)

by ChangChun Project(Chang Jun-young & Chun Jiyoon)


Random Forest, 2021, AI Drone Flight, 2021, Dimensions Variable. Sound : ZXIS. Commissioned by 2021 ACC Posthuman Ensemble

ChangChun Project’s Random Forest is an AIdrone flight project inspired by the word “ensemble,” also featured in the exhibition title, and its mathematical definition when it was created in 2021. For this exhibition, except for drone flight, this work uses AI to interpret and permute the emotions expressed by unspecified audience members drawn from randomly occurring meetings into drone flight paths that are then averaged through the accumulation of data such as forests. 

The AI’s translation and transition of human emotions into data forms for drones and the drones’ flight along these trajectories show that nonhumans can understand, respect, and heal human emotions. This process symbolically demonstrates the idea of a “forest of nonhumans” realized through the phase transition of material with variability in the myriad of mutual effect and reciprocity relationships created by humans and nonhuman objects like AI and drones.



ChangChun Project, the artist team, composed of Chang Jun Young and JiYoon Chun, was formed for Regressed Time. This fusion content combined artificial intelligence, drones, and AR technology in Equilibrium in 2020. Since then, they have showcased real-time interactive AI-drone flight projects with Randon Forest (2021) in Posthuman Ensemble and Superposition (2022) in Boundary Conditions. 

Chang Jun Young (b.1967, Republic of Korea), director of iotaLabs.,, takes charge of planning artworks and directing engineering. He is a specialist in art and culture technology. He usually collaborates with specialists to make content on social issues using any kind of technologies of Interactive Media Art such as IoT, AI, and Realtime Audio Visual Engines. 

Media artist JiYoon Chun (b.1972, Republic of Korea) takes charge of planning artworks and directing films for ChangChun Project. It seeks to explore creative and differentiated visual methodologies and studies convergent visual language in art, design, and technology. From 1995 to the present, she has shown her works in several solo and group exhibitions.

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