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Promoted through Korea-ASEAN cooperation, the project has a support system by stage: Planning Support, Completion Support, and Follow-up Support.
In the “Planning Support” stage, preliminary research and network construction support are provided for creating and producing a project.

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[Research and Creation]

Art Sonje Center, Sangsang Maru, Barim, Ahn Eun Me Company

Planning Support

  • Sangsang Maru Co., Ltd. promoted workshops and showcases to present the musical "The Child of Trolls" in Vietnam in cooperation with the Vietnamese National Youth Theater. The Cooperation Project forms a consensus through storytelling based on the commonality of the historical backgrounds of Korea and Vietnam as well as the direction of future cooperation of children and adolescents; and aims to perform, jointly develop, and produce medium-sized theaters.

  • Art Sonje Center with the Singapore Art Museum, the Daewoo Foundation's Art Sonje Center held a research workshop for the planning teams of the two organizations in connection with the Ho Tzu Nyen's private exhibition, shedding light on the work of Singapore's media artistand their world; and conducted academic seminars and screening public programs for the public.

  • Under the theme of "Postlocalization Syndrome," Barim recognized the distance between Korea and ASEAN countries with Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Korean writers and promoted research and workshops to examine and study the artistic context of post-localization.

BARIM is a cross-genre collective of artists who are based in Gwangju, currently an art space, media space, and working studio in Gwangju, Korea. Established in October, 2013, and opened in Spring 2014, Barim deals with abstract to physical genres of the arts. Barim aims to focus on “process-based” works beyond existing genres of the arts, to create a community of artists, local citizens, and audience, and to support cultural and artistic exchanges between local and international artists through research. It also sets a goal to intervene and transcend different genres of the arts and to focus on process and discussion rather than completion.

  • Ahn Eun Me Company conducted research to promote "the Welcome to Your Korea" project, which focused on communication with multicultural families and migrant workers who reside in Korea. The company proposes a new way of communication and provides an experience in which an inclusive social consciousness is formed.

Founded by choreographer-dancer Eun-Me Ahn in February 1988, Eun-Me Ahn Company is active globally, mostly performing in the US and Europe. The New York Times said that Eun-Me Ahn’s dance is comparable to Japan’s butoh. A British critic even called her Asia’s Pina Bausch. Characterized by subtle and special language expressed with the human body, mysterious colors, dynamic energy flowing without unnecessary turns and finally, a touch of humor, Ahn’s dance shows her willingness to go beyond the boundaries of Korean tradition to communicate with the world.

1. SangsangMaru <Troll's Child> Showcases, 2022
2. Art Sonje Center <The Critical Dictionary of Ho Tzu Nyen_Contemporaneity and Regionality> Seminar, 2022
3. Barim <Post-localization Syndrome> Workshop, 2022

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