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Lee Sung-ho

ASEAN is a large market with a wide range of potential for innovation and capabilities, and it’s a community in which diverse Asian sentiments exist.
Hence, I think ASEAN is a very powerful coalition.

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[Keynote Speech] 2021 ASEAN-ROK Culture Innovation Summit

Lee Sung-ho (CEO of d'strict, Republic of Korea)


  • Introduction

D’strict is a company that designs innovative spatial experiences through content production using digital media technology. We’ve been using the tag linge of pursues 'ART TECH FACTOTY' as part of the brand of our company for a long time. Through this keynote speech for the culture, art and technology-themed forum, I am pleased to meet all the great experts from Korea-ASEAN, as well as everyone who attended the forum online, and it is an honor to share our cases and thoughts.

We understand the fast-changing digital media technology. With this, we combine our competitive visually creative core capabilities to design space experience, largely in the form of technology and culture and art. How can technology make cultural art stand out? How can cultural art reveal the value of technology?

Through several recent projects, d’strict has received a lot of public attention and support and has grown into an immersive content company in Korea. I would like to introduce you to our thoughts during these projects and to the driving force which motivated their success.

  • Arts, Culture and Technology: Experience Sharing on Creative Endeavors

First, let me introduce a public media art project, 'WAVE', widely viewed by many people. In 2020  'WAVE' spearheded our launch of public media art campaign using large outdoor LED screen. We viewed the ever-expanding LED displays in the city center as an advertising medium, but also as a public good which many people are exposed to involuntarily. We thought any media as a public good should operate under a grammar different from ordinary advertisements. This could upvalue the medium of electronic display operators, provide passers-by with desirable viewing experiences, and contribute to the improvement of the city’s landscape socially. We were convinced of the need for these types of sensuous art content. D’strict’s public media art sprouted from these enviornmental observations and a new perspective viewing on them.

The second project I'm going to introduce is “Arte Museum.”

The Arte Museum is standing immersive media art exhibition opened by d’strict in jeju, Korea in September 2020. Under the theme of "ETERNAL NATURE," the material and space of nature are was reinterpreted and displayed through media art. Through projection mapping, multifaced image control and sensor-based interaction, natural features were recreated by fusing various media technologies and visual creativity.  

At the ARTE MUSEUM, media technology works in tadem with visual creativity.

The notion of using the entire surrounnding space as a canvas, as well as the enabling technology and visual creativity which generates visual intenstiy based on the understanding of technology, transformed places where people stay into works of art. By allowing audiences to vividly enjoy a virtual space where the physical properties of nature in reality are combined with media-based recreations, we were able to conceive a new type of exhibition where people can immerse themselves in virtual nature created by media.

<Flower> by d'strict
<Flower> by d'strict

Third, I would like to introduce the formation of our media artist unit, 'a’strict'.

In the summer of 2020, we collaborated with a gallery representing Korea and launced a media artist unit brand called 'a’strict'.

"Starry Beach," the first exhibition of "a’strict," attracted a large number of visitors to the exhibitions than any other gallery-based domestic exhibition held in the last year. And in June, the works we submitted to Sotheby's, a world-renowned auction house, were aunctioned-off at high prices, confirming the possibility of demand for media works utilizing these technologies within the conventional art market. Driven by this possibility, we continue to work across the boundaries of commerce and art.

  • Collaborating with ASEAN partners: cultural diversity and new opportunities for creative endeavors

Our company has been working with partners from ASEAN countries since its foundation in 2004. We visited many ASEAN countries such as Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand. Then we carried out various projects in media technology-based content proudction and we are able to experience ASEAN's cultural diversity. This experience and understanding of cultural diversity have become a source of inspiration.

Also, we were able to experience the great potential for synergy and growth while interacting with ASEAN. Our asset are in the diverse and unique cultures of Korea and ASEAN. Observation of the region and reality we inhabit, and using “creative endeavors” to view them in a new light, will be combined with our cultural and artistic capabilities and can act as the catlysts for greater value creation and a blossoming culture in a boundaryless era of advacned technology.

  • Conclusion

As an  “Art Tech Factory”, we intend to continue our creative journey through the confluence of technology and cultural art. I hope that the many cultural artist and induesties in ASEAN-ROK will joing us in our efforts, develop together by engaging in the exchange of cultural diversity, experiences, new perspectives and endeavors. .



  • d'strict

d'strict is a design company that creates innovative spatial experiences by developing content with digital media technology. Our company has always kept pace with the development of technology since its establishment in 2004. Today, d'strict provides custom-developed content upon request (Commercial Service), offers clients a license to media art content, and operates our own exhibition venues (Art Service). d'strict's strength lies in the ability to produce content based on a comprehensive understanding of digital media technology.

Our creative, visually stunning outcomes and cutting-edge technology-infused content are made possible by our outstanding in-house team. Each member of d'strict demonstrates an exceptional competency in their field, ranging from content planning to visual/motion/graphic design, system design and spatial integration, software development, and operations management.

With our unrivaled content development prowess, we are globally expanding the scope of our innovation. d'strict provides various B2B services to the world’s leading companies; we offer licenses of sophisticated media art content via LED.ART; we are growing our B2C service by implementing a global expansion of ARTE MUSEUM, our own immersive media art exhibition space first showcased in Jeju Island in 2020; a'strict, our own media artist unit, continues to introduce a new set of values to the contemporary art scene by straddling the boundary between commerce and art. Our journey of innovating spatial experience with digital media technology continues.

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