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Between Independency and Interdependency
Several concerns arise from my perspective through this ASEAN-KOREA project. As we understand the arts and culture landscape through divisions of governmentalisation, commodification, and democratization, it is important to look into such categories and gaps in an ASEAN context.
Tan E-Jan

Asian Producers Platform
Realities, Resilience, and transformation of International Exchanges between ASEAN and Korea
Regarding the participation of Creative Platform for ASEAN-Korea and experiences during PAMS 2022, Jennifer will put down some of her sharing, takeaways, reflections, and suggestions to respond to the Platform’s aim of facilitating more cultural exchange and collaborations between Korea and the SEA region.
Jennifer LEE

Mekong Cultural Hub
Share the brief Realities and a glimpse of Resilience
Self-censorship has become their nature, but in many cases, this cautious element turned out to be a very funny and satisfying form of communication towards the audience.
Suranya Poonyaphitak

Sustainability and New future
The Creative Platform for ASEAN-Korea is a network composed of planners and researchers who engage in cultural and art activities in Korea and ASEAN. This Platform aims to devise and carry out global cooperative projects connecting the fields of Korea and ASEAN, as well as share knowledge, information and experiences via people-to-people exchanges.
Jin Yim

Asian Producers Platform


Tema : "Ketahanan, dan transformasi pertukaran internasional antara ASEAN dan Korea"

Program :Workshop, Roundtable di Performing Arts Market di Seoul (PAMS)

Tanggal :2022.9.24.(JUMAT) – 2022.9. 29. (KAM)

Mitra ASEAN :Platform Produsen Asia (APP), Pertemuan Seni Pertunjukan Internasional Bangkok (BIPAM), Pusat Kebudayaan Mekong

Peserta :(APP) E-jan Tan, Shaifulbahri Mohamad, Kyu Choi, Jisun Park, Jin Yim / (BIPAM)Suranya Poonyaphitak / (Mekong Culture Hub) Jennifer Lee

Platform Kreatif untuk ASEAN-Korea adalah platform baru untuk hubungan manusia, berbagi pengetahuan,
 informasi dan pengalaman serta perkembangan jangka panjang antara ASEAN dan Korea.


(APP) E-jan Tan, Shaifulbahri Mohamad, Kyu Choi, Jisun Park, Jin Yim

(BIPAM)Suranya Poonyaphitak

(Pusat Budaya Mekong) Jennifer Lee

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