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The Thai theater scene was reviving as the artists adapted to the "new normal." They are exploring new platforms and tools, and more opportunities came from offline experiences. Despite that, artists had lost their spaces such as theaters and studios as they were permanently closed. In response, the commercial spaces have risen. Artists and others rent the spaces to showcase their work or to establish a network among themselves. However, the development was put on hold due to COVID-19, and there's still a lack of manpower and financial support. Suranya believes that even though the Thai theater scene has come back and there is a lot of potential, more space, both physical and opportunity space for artists' incubation, and research & development process is needed. Her keywords are Censorship, Resources, and Diversity.”

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Suranya Poonyaphitak



Suranya Poonyaphitak is a theater producer and festival coordinator in Bangkok, Thailand. She currently works as a Project Coordinator at the Bangkok International Children's Theater Festival (BICT Fest). BICT Fest hosts performances, talks, and creative activities as their programs. They focus on delivering performing arts experiences to children and families. Suranya is also a member of the Producers of Thai Performing Arts Network (POTPAN), the Contemporary Arts & Culture Industry Promotion Trade Association (CAPT) in Thailand, and the Asian Theater for Young Audiences Network (Asian TYA Network).



Bangkok International Performing Arts Meeting (BIPAM) is a platform for Southeast-Asian and further international exchange of Bangkok and its various performing art scenes. BIPAM aims to be an open platform for performing arts where everyone can easily meet up and exchange their experience. Hence, it encourages the growth of the performing arts community and becomes a Launchpad for the world to learn about the performing arts.

POPTPAN provides networking opportunities among people who are interested in producing performing arts. Currently, BIPAM, BICT Fest, Prayoon for Art Foundation, and Thai Theater Foundation are part of the group. The CAPT promotes the economic impact of the arts and culture industry. They are working for policies and resources which will bring more opportunities to the creative people around the nation. The Asian TYA Network studies and understands the current situation of TYA and further connects TYA professionals of the region to develop long-term relationships across the countries they are working.

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