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2022 ASEAN-KOREA Innovative Culture Forum
ASEAN-KOREA : Leap forward with Cultural Resilience

2022 Forum Overview
A Visual and Tactile Thesis on Fashion, Photography and Philippine Culture
Jo Ann Bitagcol’s journey as a visual artist saw a seamless shifting from muse to lens woman and later, a designer under her namesake brand, BITAGCOL. Following a stellar career as a fashion model, she found her place behind the lens.
Jo Ann Bitagcol

Bridging the Bruneian Identity: Nurturing cultural eco-systems through Creative Space
Can artistic and cultural practice be sustained with just a fraction of its history intact? Given how little is known of Brunei pre-13th century and the lack of agency of Bruneian historians and anthropologists have led ‘outsiders’ to write their accounts.
Osveanne Osman

Building Digital Art & New Media Art Community in South East Asia
Filamen is an Audio Visuals collective where it serves as a platform for all range of people who are into audio visuals to interact with each other and also help expose themselves to a public audience.
Abdul Shakir

Film Programming in the Time of COVID
The journey of AFA embarked on throughout the challenging period and will share the fresh perspectives and tools that we continue to adopt as we emerge from the pandemic.
Viknesh Kobinathan

Established in 2011, Lao New Wave Cinema Productions (LNWC) is co-founded by a collective of young filmmakers and artists in Lao PDR. LNWC’s first aim is to change the face of the Lao movie community and support young people who are passionate in filmmaking to make films.
Anysay Keola

Peripheral Art Project: Blur and Orthodoxy in Contemporary Vietnamese Art
Heritage Space’s most outstanding activity is the International Art Exchange project titled Month of Art Practice (MAP). Initiated and operated from 2015 to now, the project that engages young people with contemporary arts in Vietnam.
Nguyen Anhyuan

Systemic Approaches to Implementing Appropriate Technology in Digital Media Art
Suppose we secure appropriate technology experts based on human resources and establish an exchange system that can match them in the right place, significantly high value-added activities can be carried out effectively and efficiently.
Chang Jun Young

Towards a Sustainable Art Ecosystem
Over the past five years, we have focused on connecting cultural diversity and touristic attractions to enthusiastic civic networks before expanding our nurturing ecosystem to other regions.
Wayla Amatathammachad



Innovative Culture Forum

Leap Foward with Cultural Resilience

In-depth information on cultural and artistic sites in Korea and ASEAN is provided by archiving various materials related to the Innovative Culture Forum, which began in 2020,

and Cooperation Project for Innovative Culture, which started in 2021.

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