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2022 FORUM in Lao PDR

2022 ASEAN-KOREA Innovative Culture Forum was held in Vientiane, Laos, promoting mutual understanding and cooperation between ASEAN and Korea in arts & culture. With the theme of 'Leap forward with Cultural Resilience,' participants from ASEAN countries and Korea shared their knowledge and experiences on how to build a sustainable cultural ecosystem for collaboration and inspiration.

  • Date: OCT 26 (WED) 14:00

  • Venue: Don Chan Palace Hotel & Convention, Vientiane

ASEAN-KOREA Innovative Culture Forum started in 2020 with the need for a platform to discuss ways to build sustainable relationships between Korea and ASEAN. The annual event strives to promote mutual understanding and cooperation in ASEAN-Korea cultural and creative industries.


Each year, the meaning of ‘innovation’ is redefined based on the latest trends in the ASEAN-KOREA cultural and creative sectors. Through "innovation", the forum attempts to set a new direction for cultural exchange and mutual growth.


In 2020, the culture itself has been the focus of the first forum with the theme of Innovating through Culture, as experts and pioneers from various fields discuss the need for continuous exchange in the cultural and creative sectors.


In 2021, case studies on Art, Culture, and Technology were introduced with the theme of Prospering Together through Culture and Technology, exploring the new opportunities for growth in Korea and ASEAN.

After having two online forums during the pandemic, the 2022 ASEAN-KOREA Innovative Culture Forum took place in Lao PDR. The theme of the first offline forum was Leap Forward with Cultural Resilience, which examined innovation in terms of ‘resilience’, an ability to bounce back stronger through cultural solidarity.

Re-define the meaning 
of innovation


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