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​Nottle Theatre Company <My Body>

Nottle Theatre Company <My Body>

A grant project designed to promote cultural and artistic exchanges and build networks between ASEAN and Korea. It provides financial and systemic support for project development in three steps - 'Research and Creation’, ‘Concept to Realization’ and ‘Public Outreach'. Any interested ASEAN individuals/organizations in the fields of arts & culture can apply for a grant through respective Korean partners.



Sangsang Maru 'Troll's Child'

(Planning Support) Projects at conception phase to build a basis for long-term cultural exchange and cooperation.

Research and Creation

Step 01

Wildflower Film Awards Korea 'Delivery'

(Follow-up Support) Selected projects at expansion phase to encourage circulation and sustainable cultural partnerships.

Public Outreach

Step 03

Nottle Theatre Company 'My body'

(Completion Support) Projects at execution phase to realize and consolidate cultural and creative partnerships.

Concept to Realization

Step 02

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